Taught by FHADI


Awareness workshop

Taught by FHADI

Promote an approach to knowledge about Motor Disability in order to make staff aware of their autonomy, dignity, independence, non-discrimination; participation and full inclusion; respect for differences and equal opportunities.

Labor Bonding

Coordinated by FHADI

FHADI carries out a preliminary analysis revealing how to accomplish successful labor
inclusion in order to guarantee hiring under the same conditions of responsibilities, salaries, and hours as any other worker.

Labor Inclusion

Made by FHADI

Once the person has concluded the Certification in Skills and Competences, they manage to join a company, achieve their economic independence to join to the productive life of their community and country, transcending as an Agent of Change.

Labor Monitoring

The Plus of FHADI Labor Monitoring. Determines the job performance effectively and
efficiently of the person who was included in the company, and with the person employed, to verify their working conditions, their needs, and their level of satisfaction.


Motor Disabled People Labor Included

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Self-Sustaining Program

Hostesses and Gios

FHADI offers a new modality, in-person or virtual host service to business and corporate events attended by wheelchair users.

Give your events a social twist!​

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