Movimientro Tres Doce Founders

Joint Work with Government Institutions on Public Policy  Proposals in favor of Motor Disabled People2018-2021


• Effective Access to Inclusive Education for PwD – with the SEP
• National Inclusive Health Strategy for PwD with the Ministry of Health
• Guide for the Protection of the Health of PwD in the context of COVID 19 with the Ministry of Health
• Inclusive Education Strategy for PwD with INEA


For 15 years, FHADI and VIM have joined forces, knowledge, experiences to work together
in favor of Motor Disabled People.

FHADI offers training and labor inclusion and Vida Independiente, the technique in
wheelchair management coupled with its philosophy of freedom and independence.


Alliance in favor of visual and motor disabled people, in which FHADI offers the training in the Human Development and Ilumina, the training in information technology to promote Labor Inclusion and self-employment.

Instituto de las Personas con Discapacidad de la Ciudad de México (Indiscapacidad CDMX)

FHADI, joins efforts in favor of Motor Disabled Adults, to provide its Psychological Rehabilitation and Wheelchair Management Programs in connection with INDISCAPACIDAD and Vida Independiente.

Alliance for the Labor Inclusion (AILAB)

Advise, train, and accompany companies so that they recruit PwD talent through inclusive
processes that generate positive changes and added value in them.


Alliance in favor of people with motor disorders in order to improve their skills and tools
for daily life and their social inclusion.


Other essential action for growth and consolidation are the Modelo de Atención de FHADI replicas in:

Ciudad de México:
  • Iztapalapa
  • Indiscapacidad CDMX
Estado de México:
  • Valle de Chalco
  • Ecatepec de Morelos
  • Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl en colaboración con la Universidad La Salle. (En pausa por pandemía)
  • San Juan del Río.

We have assisted more than 3,100 Motor Disabled in the Mexican Republic.