Our History

FHADI’s history isn’t just an institutional story, but it is a story of lives. Every person who has been through this organization, has had momentous experiences while leaving their own mark.

In 2007, María Antonieta Osornio the General Directorate passes to Lourdes Sarvide Álvarez Icaza, who since that year has directed Fhadi on a voluntary basis.

Our Founders

María Antonieta Osornio Ramírez

Martha Díaz Bolio

María del Pilar Tagle Gómez

Carlos Díaz Bolio †

Our Governing Body

Paola Clarise
Franyutti Bouffier


Juan Pablo
Villela Vizcaya


María del Pilar
Tagle Gómez


Juan Carlos
Álvarez Gándara


Juan José
Fernández Muñuzuri


Our Patron Presidents

Ma. Antonieta Osornio
President 1997 - 2002

Lourdes Sarvide
President 2002 - 2005

Peter Honerlage
President 2005 - 2009

Justo Manzur
President 2009 - 2013

Luis Girault
President 2013 - 2021

Paola Franyutti
Current President

Our Mission

We want to provide, promote, and give all the people with any kind of motor disability, the tools, knowledge, experiences, and motivation for them to find their own way into society and have a productive life in an independent, responsible, and worthy way.

Our Vision

To be the Private Assistance Institution, recognized national and internationally for quality, excellence, continuous innovation in social and labor inclusion specialized in the comprehensive development of Motor Disabled People

Our Values


‘’We do not give you the fish, we teach you how to fish’’

Our Partners

Lourdes Sarvide


Anelvis Bolivar

Administration and Finance Coordinator

Elda Riaño

Coordinator of the Psychological Rehabilitation Area

Lorena Méndez

Educational Program Coordinator

Analia Pelegrin

Coordinator of the Diploma in Competences and Skills for the Labor Inclusion of People with Disabilities

Jaime Solís

Inclusion and Labor Monitoring Coordinator

Lorena Gómez

Institutional Strengthening Coordinator

Román Maldonado

Fund Proctor

Ismael Rojas

Marketing and Communication Coordinator

Patricia Paredes

Coordinator of Recurring Charges and Civil Protection

Martha Díaz


Norberto Sierra

Delivery Courier

Our psychologists and therapists

Ma. Antonieta Osornio

Marcela Musi

Lourdes Sarvide

Mercedes Arcelus

Elda Riaño

Silvia Godinez

Lorena Méndez